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With the launch of our new website, it’s easier than ever to experience the benefits of our seaweed products for yourself


We’re thrilled to welcome to you Weed & Wonderful, a place where we believe that seaweed isn’t weird — it’s, well, wonderful!

Incorporating seaweed into your diet might sound ‘trendy’, but in reality this humble sea-plant has been used for its health benefits for thousands, if not millions of years. Today, we’re all trying to look after our health a bit more, which is why we’re passionate about helping you rediscover this forgotten superfood.

At Weed & Wonderful, we create tasty products that make it easy for you to get all the healthy goodness of seaweed in your diet.

About us

Weed & Wonderful is the brainchild of our very own Doctor Seaweed — a marine biologist and wild-seaweed harvester with a passion for all things seaweed. Our aim is to see everyone able to enjoy the benefits of seaweed in their life, and to achieve this we sustainably wild harvest the finest Organic Ascophyllum Seaweed from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

Our Weed & Wonderful seaweed benefits from fully traceable production, DNA authentication and leading research support. We pride ourselves on supplying only the highest calibre seaweed, so you always know you’re getting the best.

Want to know more about our story? Click here.

Our products

With a whole host of products to choose from, Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful range is an easy way to incorporate the goodness of seaweed into your everyday life, introducing you to its many health benefits.

Published scientific studies have shown potential of our selected seaweed for a range of health benefits, including weight management and the management of blood sugar release. Our seaweed products are also a natural source of iodine, something many of us in the UK are deficient in.

Our products range from easy to take Organic Scottish Seaweed Capsules to Smoked Seaweed Infused Oils that come in a selection of intensities. Explore our full list of products today.

Why seaweed?

Not only does our seaweed boast broader nutrition than land plants, but it’s also a great source of a huge range of minerals, trace elements, vitamin groups, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

In just two of our Weed & Wonderful capsules, you can benefit from as much iodine as three whole mackerel, as much potassium as eight grams of banana, as much calcium as 15ml of milk, and as much iron as 30 grams of spinach!

With years of experience in the nutritional value of marine plantlife, we know that the properties of seaweed change depending on factors like species, harvest location and processing. Independent analysis shows that our seaweed is higher on key measures of quality in comparison to other leading brands.

In short, all seaweed is good, but some is just better! Don’t believe us? Try Weed & Wonderful for yourself today, and take a closer look at the nutritional value of our products.

Want to discover more about Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful collection? Get in touch.
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