Everything you need to know to get your natural summer glow!

Everything you need to know to get your natural summer glow!

It’s official: summer is here! We’re loving the warm days, light nights and the natural glow of our skin now that it’s finally seen some much needed sun. Whether you’re spending your summer lounging in the garden or packing in as many outdoor activities as possible, it’s likely you’ll be exposing more of your skin - making it the perfect time to show our largest organ some love. Read on to find out our top tips on keeping your skin feeling healthy and looking radiant this summer.
Protect your skin

If you do nothing else for your skin this summer – wear sunscreen. Thankfully, the dangers of being unprotected in the sun are well known, and the majority of us know how important it is to wear sunscreen during the summer months. The most obvious and important benefit of wearing sunscreen is to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If we allow these rays to penetrate our skin too much, they can trigger a number of skin disorders – including skin cancers.

UV rays cause our skin cells to experience oxidative stress, which speeds up the ageing process and can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage is also a known cause of an uneven complexion, meaning that sunscreen can not only keep our skin healthy, but can also help us achieve an even skin tone and youthful glow. The main things to consider when choosing your sunscreen is that it has an SPF of at least 30 and provides broad spectrum protection. It’s also important to remember to reapply it often (around every 2 hours), and don’t forget to apply to areas such as your scalp, ears and lips.

Increase exfoliation

While sunscreen is essential for healthy summer skin, it can leave it feeling clogged up – especially when combined with the inevitable increase in sweat. While we’re often reminded not to over-exfoliate, summer is the best time to ensure we’re exfoliating enough to slough away the extra product that we’re applying, and to keep our pores clear. This is especially important on our faces, as allowing the remnants of sunscreen, sweat and make up to build up in our pores will increase the likelihood of break outs and blemishes.

While it’s beneficial to exfoliate more in the summer than the winter, it’s still best to keep this to a few times a week to prevent skin from drying out and feeling tight and scaly. If you are unfortunate enough to get sunburnt, it’s best to avoid exfoliating these areas at all, as this will increase irritation and discomfort.

Keep skin hydrated

Hydration is key during summer to keep us cool and replace the additional fluid that we lose from sweating. Increased exposure to the sun, air conditioning and chlorine can all play a role in drying our skin out too. Upping your water intake is one of the best ways to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated, as well as using hydrating skincare products to relieve any feelings of dry, tight skin.

tips on how to stay hydrated

Since applying additional moisture to the skin on a hot day isn’t an ideal option, opting for a hydrating face mask while you sleep is a great way to hydrate skin overnight. Carrying a cooling facial mist is also a good option to hydrate and freshen skin regularly throughout the day – it will help to keep you cool too!

Seaweed for skin

Seaweed is increasingly recognised for its skincare properties, thanks to its unique nutritional make up. The bioactive compounds found within seaweed mean it can provide antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. As well as this, it contains a high number of vitamins and minerals, including the essential nutrient iodine – a mineral that’s vital for healthy skin.

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, iodine is often overlooked, especially when it comes to skin health. However, it’s one of the most important nutrients for healthy skin as it’s a major building block of thyroid hormones. These hormones set off the cellular function responsible for regenerating the lower layers of skin and have a vital role in regulating moisture levels. In fact, one study found that 77% of people with low thyroid hormones experience dry skin[i].

Sourcing safe and sustainable seaweed for skin

Understandably, not everybody knows how to source or even incorporate high quality seaweed into their meal plans. That’s why Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful® seaweed supplements are perfect for anybody trying to increase their iodine intake and improve their skin health and wider wellness. Just one capsule provides enough iodine to meet your recommended daily intake and makes it easy and convenient for you to feel the wonderful benefits of seaweed for yourself.

Take our 20 second quiz to find out if you’re getting enough of the essential nutrient iodine and find out how our sustainable seaweed supplements could improve your skin health and wider wellness.


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