Our Story

"Seaweed is the most incredible natural resource"

As a marine biologist Dr Craig Rose worked for many years with seaweed on commercial and research projects for various applications.
In 2018 Craig identified a huge opportunity and need for seaweed and Doctor Seaweed was born

“Seaweed is the most incredible natural resource, which can meet all the needs we have across food, energy, health and more. My vision is to see people discover how seaweed can and will benefit their lives and offer a hopeful and sustainable future.”

Discovering the wonder of sustainable seaweed has become key in our mission to help look after our health and the health of our planet. Our range of seaweed supplements provide the natural plant-based nutrition to support your specific health needs and your wider wellness, paired with the confidence of supreme quality ingredients.

From the sea to your door

Knowing where your seaweed is from, the water quality, sustainability of harvest, and how it is produced are essential factors in ensuring it is safe and highly nutritious.

Our proprietary technologies ensure the gold-standard of seaweed, delivered directly to you - from the sea to your door - and in ways that will make you feel wonderful.

Scottish Outer Hebrides

Our PureSea® Natural Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed is sustainably wild harvested around the remote islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

These pristine waters are carefully monitored and managed, with exclusive harvesting rights from the Crown Estate.

Having our dedicated manufacturing operation allow us full control and traceability throughout our supply chain so customers can be assured of our quality.


    Our seaweed is carefully dried and milled using International Patent Pending technologies which result in a high quality, nutrient rich and fully traceable production process.


    As part of the wide range of nutrition and safety tests we carry out, we also uniquely DNA Authenticate every batch to ensure full traceability and authenticity.


    We are leading numerous research projects with our university partners to further understand seaweed’s many health benefits and how it can be used in a wide range of products.

Our Vision:

"To deliver natural health and wellness through sustainable seaweed."