Say hello to glowing skin this Spring with Ultrasun

Say hello to glowing skin this Spring with Ultrasun

Ultrasun UK and Doctor Seaweed have collaborated to become the new power couple for glowing skin!  Healthy radiance flourishes when your skin is nourished from within and protected from external damage. This unique collection is a celebration of our expertise and commitment to skin health and vitality and features our best-selling, highly innovative supplements, and formulations, to ensure you glow from head to toe this summer.  

Ultrasun’s award-winning products deliver long-lasting, high-level, water-resistant broad-spectrum protection with reef and ocean friendly ingredients UV. filters and trusted skincare actives are encapsulated within Lamellar gel structures which have a high affinity to the skin’s natural structure, allowing them to bind and work in perfect synergy with the skin system throughout the day. Free from perfumes, and emulsifiers and with a wide range of targeted formulations, there’s an SPF to suit every skin type, including those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Get to know Ultrasun with this Springs 4-piece Supersized Face and Body Tan collection keeping you safe whilst maximising your natural tan. Perfect for those who LOVE a golden glow!

Pre-Sun Tan Activator prepares your skin before sun exposure with a revolutionary active Thalitan which stimulates melanin synthesis to increase your skin’s solar protection ability before exposure to the sun. We recommend you apply as your daily body moisturiser for two weeks before exposure for best results.

Body Tan Activator SPF30 contains the innovative ingredient Bronzyl® to activate the production of melanin for a faster, longer-lasting and deeper tan.  This natural tan enhancer has been shown to accelerate the tanning process by up to 10% in just 10 days! With an exceptionally high UVA filter of 90% and powerful anti-oxidant complex GSP-T, this lightweight and grease-free formula with Free from oil, perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives, lightweight, non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types, including most sensitive.

UV Face & Scalp Mist SPF50 is our ultra-lightweight formula that delivers an invisible mist that can be worn on top of, or beneath makeup.  Alcohol-free and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, this on-the-go essential contains InfraGuard® a power antioxidant complex from organic sunflower shoots and the tara tree that inhibits light-induced skin ageing, protecting skin cells from blue light and infrared rays.  Perfect for invisible, mess-free top-ups and ideal for use on scalps and thinning hair.

Lip Protection SPF30 is infused with deeply nourishing Blackcurrant Seed Oil that’s rich in Omega 3 & 6 to moisturise the delicate lip contour.  This comforting, grease-free balm shields and protects the lips from UV rays whilst preventing inflammation, cracking, and drying for smooth and supple lips.

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