Seaweed: Your Sex Life Saviour

Seaweed: Your Sex Life Saviour

Is a daily dose of seaweed the answer to improving your sex life?  

It’s no wonder that the sales of impotence drugs go up during Valentine’s Day when impotence research reports that 50% of male Brits in their 30s say that they struggle in the bedroom (1). These men say that stress, tiredness, anxiety and booze are the main reasons for these types of problems. Women also struggle in this department, with one-third of sexually active women saying that they have lost interest in sex due to issues like stress, low mood, and hormones.

 So what can you do to get your sex life back? The foods you eat and drink play a big role in supporting libido.

If someone is missing out on certain nutrients, they might lack energy, feel weak and tired a lot of the time, and get ill more often than others. Iodine is a vital nutrient that can lead to some of these unwanted symptoms if you have a deficiency, which is very common in the UK. In fact, scientists have found that around 70% of key female demographics lack iodine. Iodine plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones, which are important for vital bodily processes such as metabolism. This is why low thyroid hormone levels often lead to problems such as low energy, weight gain, and low libido. 

Certain solutions, such as Viagra, are not always the answer, as they can involve unwanted side effects. Changing your diet could help, especially adding in specific foods that have been known to boost sex drive and libido. Foods containing nutrients and enzymes that enhance energy and improve nutrient status include bananas, avocados and figs, to name a few. But, there is one crucially important food for upping the sex drive in both men and women  - and that's seaweed. Irish women have gone crazy for seaweed since it was revealed that American author, Jane Juska, went from low libido to a new lease of sex- life after adding seaweed to her daily regime at the age of 66. Since the book was published, women all over the world have been following her lead to try and improve their libido using seaweed.

Dr. Naomi Beinart gives three reasons why saying yes to seaweed might be the answer to improving your sex life:

Upping your essential iodine. Seaweed is a great natural source of iodine, which is an essential mineral that your body can’t make by itself. So, we must depend on food or supplements to get what we need. Having adequate iodine levels could make all the difference when it comes to getting in the mood. This is because iodine is crucial for the production of thyroid hormones, and iodine deficiency is a leading cause of low thyroid hormone levels, which often lead to problems such as low energy and low libido. 

Tackling gynaecological issues. Women with thyroid problems have also reported difficulties with vaginal dryness and having orgasms, which can make it really challenging to feel ready for sex (2). Interestingly, when people have an iodine deficiency, they often find that their skin is dry, and researchers believe that this may be due to low thyroid hormone levels. This is because thyroid hormones can actually help your skin cells to regenerate. So, ensuring you are not deficient in iodine is vital so you can be sure your thyroid has what it needs for your body to function at its very best.

So, ensuring you are not deficient in iodine is vital so you can be sure your thyroid has what it needs for your body to function at its very best. 

Tackling erectile dysfunction. Thyroid issues are most commonly associated with women, but men can have them too. Thyroid problems can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can result in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (2). One study found that these sexual difficulties became far less of a problem once thyroid function was treated (2).

But not everyone fancies adding seaweed to their lunch; plus, not all seaweed is created equal. For that reason, I recommend trying Doctor Seaweed’s Limited Edition Sex+ supplement. Each capsule contains organic Hebridean seaweed, a rich source of essential iodine that can naturally support your libido. Click here to shop Sex+ to boost your sexual wellness.

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