The Power of Movement & Mindfulness with Rose Wild

The Power of Movement & Mindfulness with Rose Wild

As a yoga and wellbeing facilitator, Rose blends her passion for expressive motion with a holistic approach to health, championing practices that nourish both body and mind. Her story is one of finding balance, embracing wellness, and sharing these gifts with others. As big advocates for movement and mindfulness, we welcome Rose to our community.

The Path to Yoga

"I have always moved my body. Being a dancer from a young age provided me with an outlet to feel good and discover myself through movement."

Dance was more than just an activity; it was a means of self-expression and growth. As she transitioned through different stages of life, Rose found solace in movement, eventually discovering yoga. Unlike dance, yoga offered a unique connection through fluidity and feeling, becoming an integral part of her daily routine. "I loved how it made me feel - practicing something that felt different to dance, but that I could connect with through fluidity and feeling. I soon added this to my morning routine and it became a non-negotiable for my mental and physical wellness."

Rose's Wellness Non-negotiables

Rose's approach to wellness is multifaceted, rooted in simple practices that enhance her overall health. Here are some of her essential wellness habits:

1. Quality Sleep: "I realised that mornings are when I feel most productive and most alive, so in order to wake up early, I need good quality sleep," Rose shares. She emphasises the importance of winding down naturally, often reading in bed and avoiding screens an hour before sleep.

2. Nutritious Legumes: Discovering the benefits of legumes has been a game-changer for Rose. "Legumes are a food group I have introduced this year and I have felt such a huge difference in my digestion, energy levels, and overall health," she explains. These versatile foods are easy to incorporate into meals and provide lasting energy.

3. Essential Supplements: Rose is a big advocate for Doctor Seaweed's Beauty+ and Immunity+ Supplements. "I have felt so much more energised since I added in Immunity+ with less tiredness and general fatigue," she says. As a vegan, she finds these supplements crucial for obtaining iodine, which is typically sourced from animal products. "Thank you Doctor Seaweed for these incredible healthy additions to my routine!”

Simple Yoga Poses to Practice at Home

Rose encourages everyone to find time in their day to move, even if it's just for 10 minutes. Here are two of her favourite yoga poses to help you get started:

Easy Seated Pose

  • Sit cross-legged on the floor, ensuring you’re grounded
  • Sit tall through the spine, relaxing your shoulders
  • Broaden and open your chest, drawing your chin slightly down to elongate your neck
  • Rest your hands on your thighs and breathe naturally through your nose.
  • Stay for 5-10 breaths, allowing yourself to settle into the pose

Child's Pose

  • Sit on your knees with big toes touching, and either keep your knees together or spread them wide
  • Reach your arms out in front and press your sit bones back towards your heels as you exhale
  • Rest your head on the floor, breathing deeply
  • To deepen the stretch, come onto your fingertips, lifting your elbows off the floor. As you exhale, let your body settle downwards
  • Remain here for 5-10 breaths, enjoying the stretch and relaxation

The Journey of Yoga

Practicing yoga is more than just physical exercise; it’s a journey through the self. "I hope these poses allow you to invite the wonderful practice of yoga into your life," Rose says. Each practice is a personal journey, and Rose encourages you to embrace it fully, feeling each moment and allowing it to serve you. "Your journey is your own, so feel each moment, and use it to serve you for what you need each time you step onto your mat. It will be different each time, and that's okay."

Through her holistic approach to wellness, Rose Wild inspires us to move, nourish, and care for ourselves deeply. Her journey reminds us that wellness is a continuous path of discovery about finding what works for you and making it a non-negotiable part of your routine. To find out more about Rose's favourite Doctor Seaweed Supplements, click here.

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