Claire's Story - Photographer & Content Creator

Claire's Story - Photographer & Content Creator

It’s taken me a good 15 years to realise all of the implications that come with having endometriosis.  As a photographer in Scotland I am always travelling, always on my feet and the effects of my endometriosis were becoming exhausting

Apart from the pain, one of the worst symptoms was the bloating. I felt incredibly uncomfortable, self conscious and I would dread any severe flare ups.

I’ve been using Doctor Seaweed's  Pure Seaweed supplements for three months and can say that for the first time in 15 years my endometriosis is at its minimum - pretty much all of my symptoms have been reduced. Not only has it helped my bloating it has also improved my digestive system and brain fog. I feel like a happier, more awake, and healthier version of me!

I'm a massive advocate of wholistic, natural remedies and so am really happy that I have finally found something that works and for it to be as something simple as seaweed from Scotland...I'm all for it!"

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