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Doctor Seaweed's Pure Seaweed Traceability (batch 1221)

For total transparency about where your Doctor Seaweed's seaweed is from, find out exactly the location and nutritional information, and see unique pictures of the harvesting for this batch of Doctor Seaweed's Pure Seaweed (batch 1221)

Click here to see where your seaweed is harvested (location of Loch Ceann Hulabhaig, Isle of Lewis, Scotland)

Harvested by Callum Iain Maclean and Kenny Macphee

Tested by Eurofins Food Testing UK Limited UKAS accredited labs (reg.  0342).  Contact us for analysis if required 

 Photographs of the harvest
Batch 068 Doctor Seaweed seaweed harvesting

Watch videos here of a typical harvest, and the stunning Isle of Lewis 

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