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Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful® - Morrisons

Dear Harriet, please find below a narrated video presentation of the slide deck we sent you on email recently, which introduces you to our multi-award winning Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful supplement range.

The video is only 6 minutes long and provides additional context beyond what can be read in the static presentation. We also hope it answers the 3 important questions you posed to us:

  1. Who's winning in Health Foods
  2. What are the big moves Morrisons can make to grow significantly?
  3. How can Doctor Seaweed support this growth?

We're very grateful for the opportunity to present this to you and would love the opportunity to discuss how we can work together in the future.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Liam Sherriff

Morrisons Video Presentation:

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