If you work in health, nutrition or wellness and you're looking to partner with a passionate seaweed supplement company, then you're in the right place.

We offer a unique service specifically designed for our practitioner partners that can help grow your business, whilst offering the amazing health benefits of seaweed to your clients.

Our dedicated Practitioner Program is free and easy to join, and is accessible for all relevant professionals.

We provide a variety of benefits from discounts on products to free training and marketing material, plus easy online ordering.

Find out what's included and how to get started below.

Why Choose us?

We are the leading supplier of seaweed supplements in the UK and all of our seaweed comes from a dedicated and sustainable source in the beautifully pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides.

We're passionate about quality, purity and integrity, and test every single batch to make sure it lives up to our extremely high standards. 

How does it work?

We understand that everyone is different and that practitioners are set up in different ways to support clients. We want to be as flexible as possible and have developed 2 different options which work for most people. Whilst most people choose to do just one, you can also sign up to do both.

Getting Started

There's two different ways in which you can sign up for our Practitioner Program. Join for FREE and once we've approved your account you'll get access to discounted products, electronic marketing materials and our Practitioner portal. Or you can join using our starter kit which gives you enhanced discounts, greater support and training and £100 worth of supplements to get you trying and using the product yourself.