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Seaweed for your


How can you support your immunity naturally?

It is increasingly recognised that to look after your immunity, you need to look after your overall health and wider wellness.

Key nutrients are essential for the immune system to function well, including Vitamins B12 and D3.

Other nutrients, such as iodine, are also required to maintain good health.

This is because research shows that iodine is important in regulating the function of immune cells, as well as playing a key role in the production of thyroid hormones, which support your energy levels, metabolism and much more.




of Europeans are Vitamin D deficient

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Better nutrition is related to stronger immune systems

Vitamin D can be obtained from the diet, or from sunlight on the skin. It is especially important to consume enough vitamin D from the diet during the winter months, or if you spend a lot of time inside.

The main dietary sources of both vitamin B12 and iodine are from animal products such as meat, fish or dairy – this means that those following a flexitarian or plant-based diet are at an increased risk of deficiency.

Research shows that vitamin D3 can be more effective than vitamin D (normally found in plants) at being absorbed by the body.

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Why Doctor Seaweed?

Doctor Seaweed is a marine biologist with a passion to see everyone benefit from the natural wonder of sustainable seaweed. He is an expert in the science and delivery of seaweed for health and wellness.

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All seaweed is good, it's just some is better

Seaweed is wonderful, and knowing the source and quality ensures you receive only the gold-standard. It has never been easier to benefit from the natuaral health and wellness of sustainable seaweed.

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