Independent Wellness Study

Independent Wellness Study

We are incredibly proud of the high-quality, natural and plant-based ingredients used across our range of seaweed supplements and the wonderful benefits of the nutrients provided.

Doctor Seaweed's products have won numerous awards, backed by fantastic testimonials from our customers, which we hope speaks volumes about how well the products work.  Now, the amazing result are further highlighted through the results of a nutritionist-led wellness study.

The study consisted of female participants aged 30-79 who completed a brief questionnaire at the start of the study, and after taking our seaweed supplements for 30 days. At the start, 84% of participants had previous knowledge of iodine (the key nutrient in our seaweed) and its health benefits, and shockingly, 100% were not meeting the required daily intake levels for this essential nutrient iodine. 

After the 30 days of taking Doctor Seaweed's supplements, the results of the subsequent survey were quite amazing, and we will let the results speak for themselves:

Most notably, 70% of all respondents noticed an improvement in their energy levels within the 30 day period. A common symptom of iodine deficiency, which links to thyroid health, is tiredness and fatigue which can leave you feeling sluggish and demotivated.
"After about a week I noticed my constant tiredness isn't as bad, I don't come home and fall asleep on the sofa, I've even sat and watched a film all the way through which I haven't done for years as I'm usually snoring!

I have said for years my thyroid can't be right but get told it's fine yet half way through the packet of these capsules and I feel so much better."
We get our energy from the food that we eat, and we need to have a well-functioning metabolism for our bodies to convert this into energy that our cells can use. Without iodine, our bodies cannot make thyroid hormones properly, which go on to regulate our energy-yielding metabolism. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that iodine deficiency is associated with tiredness and fatigue, and that many people feel a huge boost in their energy levels when supplementing with this essential energising nutrient. 
After just 30 days, 63% of participants noticed an improvement in their concentration. Iodine is an essential nutrient for cognitive function, particularly important for pregnant women and children. For those struggling with concentration, energy levels and mental performance, Doctor Seaweed's Focus+ capsules contain our organic Scottish seaweed, plus essential natural and plant-based nutrients to support your brain, energy and eye health. These botanical benefits are further boosted with the addition of a natural and plant-based source of Omega 3 DHA in the form of a soft gel.

Overall 63% of participants noticed an improvement in the quality and appearance of their nails alongside 59% noticing an improvement in their hair in just 30 days. Brittle hair and nails and dry, flaky skin are common symptoms of iodine deficiency. Taking just one of Doctor Seaweed's Beauty+ supplements, with seaweed and additional essential beauty boosting nutrients, daily can help strengthen your hair and nails, brighten skin and protect from oxidative stress. 

"My nails are amazing, I have seen a huge improvement, they are no longer weak and splitting."

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as tiredness and low energy, weight gain, brittle hair and nails, dry nails and sensitivity to the cold, it could be that you are iodine deficient. Take our 20 second iodine quiz linked here to find out! 

Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful® seaweed supplements are perfect for anybody trying to increase their essential nutrient intake and improve their wider wellness. Just one capsule of any of the range provides enough iodine to meet your recommended daily intake and makes it easy and convenient for you to feel the wonderful benefits of seaweed for yourself. Click here to shop the range!

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