Seaweed: The Anti-aging Skincare Secret

Seaweed: The Anti-aging Skincare Secret

The way that our skin looks and feels often determines how we feel internally and can make or break our confidence. However, as we get older, it is inevitable that our skin will change and become thinner, less plump and smooth and fine lines may become apparent. Whilst this is something we must accept, there are some changes we can make to help reverse the first signs of ageing and prolong this process. 

Let’s shift our focus... 

Whilst many of us rely on an array of expensive beauty products and a strong skincare regime, there is no real substitute for a healthy lifestyle. We don’t always like to admit to ourselves that our overall diet and lifestyle can strongly impact the condition of our skin, however, this is one of the key factors in dictating our skin’s health. At the end of the day, our skin is our largest organ and deserves some love! When it comes to ageing, there are several adjustments we can make to help prevent and delay visible signs of ageing skin. It all starts from within, ensuring we our nourishing ourselves through a healthy diet.  

Why is everyone talking about seaweed? 

Seaweed is increasingly recognized for its skincare properties. Its bioactive compounds provide antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory components which are particularly beneficial in anti-ageing. Most importantly, seaweed is an excellent source of iodine, a key nutrient for healthy, youthful looking skin. Fortunately, Doctor Seaweed’s Beauty+ supplements contain sustainably-harvested Scottish seaweed which provides a natural source of iodine; a skin-loving nutrient, enhanced with a plethora of plant-based vitamins which play a crucial role in anti-ageing. Let's take a closer look at the different vitamins and minerals within Beauty+. 


There is no denying the fact that vitamins, minerals and nutrients are key to a healthy appearance, particularly in our skin. The key nutrient iodine is often overlooked, especially when it comes to skin health. Up to 84% of women are not getting enough iodine, making this one of the leading nutrient deficiencies worldwide. Iodine acts as a major building block for thyroid hormones which are responsible for regenerating the lower layers of skin and play an important role in regulating moisture levels. In fact, one study found that over 70% of people with low iodine levels experienced dry, flaky skin (1). Moisture is important for the skin to replenish the skin tissue, increasing its elasticity which plays a huge role in delaying ageing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles (2).  

Vitamin C and collagen formation 

Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and helps to strengthen skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining that desirable, youthful appearance. Vitamin C is vital in the production of collagen. As it is a water-soluble vitamin that our bodies cannot store, we must ensure we are getting enough through our diet, otherwise we cannot synthesize collagen. Vitamin C also prevents the breakdown of collagen, therefore helping to prevent wrinkles and loose skin by improving skin elasticity. 

Vitamin A, B3, Biotin 

These nutrients are essential for healthy skin and play an important role in giving skin a natural, healthy glow by regulating moisture levels and oil glands, promoting even skin tone and reducing inflammation. They can also alleviate itchiness, redness and contribute to skin's smoothness. This is critical in creating a more youthful appearance! 

Protection against oxidative stress – Vitamin B2, C, E, selenium, zinc 

Oxidative stress plays a major role in the ageing process, contributing to the loss of collagen and elastin fibers and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin B2, C, E, selenium and zinc all act as antioxidants, protecting against oxidative stress and helping to maintain the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin. Vitamin C is especially vital for collagen production and helps to regenerate skin cells and fight against ultraviolet light. Don’t forget, it is just as important to protect our skin from UV light through SPF, as otherwise, this increases oxidative stress. 

Why Doctor Seaweed? 

One of the initial benefits noticed by our wonderful community is the difference people see and feel in their skin. Doctor Seaweed’s products have won several awards further cemented by the fantastic results of the nutritionist-led wellness study. The study consisted of female participants who were asked to complete a questionnaire before and after taking the supplements for a month. The findings are as follows: 

  • 70% of participants noticed an improvement in their energy levels 
  • 63% of participants noticed an improvement in their concentration 
  • 63% of participants noticed an improvement in the appearance and quality of their nails 

Doctor Seaweed’s Beauty+ supplement are perfect for anybody trying to increase their essential nutrient intake and reverse and reduce signs of ageing. Just one capsule provides enough iodine to meet your recommended daily intake and makes it easy and convenient for you to feel the wonderful benefits of seaweed for yourself. Click here to shop Beauty+


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