Katy's Story - Yoga & Barre Instructor

Katy's Story - Yoga & Barre Instructor

At the start of the year I noticed that I had freezing cold hands and feet. I was cold all over but my hands and feet were extremely cold. I also noticed that my moods were up and down and I would lose my temper with my children a lot. I also started having trouble putting on weight but I had never had issue with that before because as yoga and fitness instructor I was very active.

I would also eat very similar meals each day and eat healthily - so noting had changed really. There was no reason to why weight should be creeping up. I was also exhausted and falling asleep at 8pm, whereas usually I was a get up and go morning person but I would struggle to get out of bed.

I went to my GP and asked if this was a thyroid issue they checked and said that my thyroid was fine. They said could be peri menopause which was one explanation but I was reluctant to use the patches they recommended to me and to go down the HRT route. Then I saw an advert about Doctor Seaweed on Instagram. I read up and researched the link between seaweed and iodine and the health symptoms that low iodine can cause, and on a whim bought the first box as I thought it wouldn’t do any harm. I started taking Doctor Seaweed’s Weed and Wonderful® Pure Seaweed which is rich a natural 100% seaweed supplement rich in iodine - taking two tablets a day.

Within only three weeks I was feeling a huge difference!! My moods had stabilised stabilised - I was much calmer with my kids and wasn’t getting cross with them. My sleep improved, my concentration improved - I was able to be more focused and surprisingly my weight dropped and stabilised.

I finally felt like I had turned a corner - and taking the seaweed supplement was the only thing I had changed, so I thought it had to be that. I’m now on box number four so have been taking it for four months and its part of my routine.I  recommend it to everyone and now want to stock it in my yoga studio. People don't know about these natural remedies like seaweed which can drastically improve your health and neither does your GP - they are quick to suggest HRT or antidepressants and are so fast to give you serious medicine as a quick fix. Also as an added bonus my skin is better, nails are stronger, and my endometriosis - which was agonising pains once a month - have now disappeared completely."

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