• Wonderful Wellness with Doctor Seaweed

    We are on a mission to find out what makes people really feel wonderful. Find out what wellness means to founder Dr Craig Rose and why he launched "Wonderful Wellness"
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  • Real Stories from our Wonderful Customers

    With over 12 million capsules sold we let our results speak for themselves. Read more from those that matter most, our wonderful customers
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  • Rooted in Nature, Backed by Science

    Knowing where your seaweed is from, the water quality, sustainability of harvest, and how it is produced are essential factors in ensuring it is safe and highly nutritious.
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Look & Feel Wonderful

We have brought together a collective of inspiring women to find out what wellness means to them and why they use Doctor Seaweed in their daily wellness routines.

All with different stories to be told, discover what our collective have to say and why they look and feel wonderful with seaweed.
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  • Nicola Lewis

    Whether it's decluttering a property or organising a home move, Nic understands the pressures of juggling modern life. Find out why wellness is so important to her.
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  • Katy Wakefield

    A dedicated yoga instructor who guides her clients through the power of movement. Wellness is not just a profession for Katy; it's an intrinsic part of her life.
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  • Belle Rogers

    A creative designer with an unwavering love for interiors. As a busy mum and business owner, Belle understands the importance of wellness in the smallest of moments.
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  • Lorna Ko

    A busy TV presenter and Single mum, Lorna knows first hand how difficult it can be to juggle it all and make time for herself. Find out her top wellness tips to feel wonderful.
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Tips from our Wonderful Customers

Feeling wonderful means different things to us all, and we've been on a mission to find out what makes you feel wonderful everyday.
Whether that’s a cold-water dip or sitting in your comfies watching Netflix, scaling a mountain or simply meeting with friends - we wanted to know why.
We've searched high and low for top wellness hacks and tips to make you look and feel wonderful.
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